Custom Tool & Die Machining

At Vinton we have been producing custom manufactured dies and providing machine work to industries throughout Southern Ontario since our inception in 1981. Our growth and ability to prosper through three very severe recessions have been fuelled by a strict no-nonsense attitude. Our business philosophy is simple – to supply a product that meets your expectations in all respects, from delivery to quality to reliability, without compromising our reputation.

Specialization in….

  • Custom Dies
  • Form Dies
  • Pierce Dies
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Fixture
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Progressive Dies
  • Blank Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • Jigs
  • Machine Parts

Our Reputation is Paramount to Our Success

In today’s Intensely competitive business environment a solid reputation is essential to the continued viability of any company. At Vinton we have worked hard to establish a sound reputation as a dependable supplier of custom Tool & Die products. Our objective is to gain your respect and, in doing so, we will not promise you the impossible. ….

Autocad Technology….

In keeping with the industry’s technological evolution, our capabilities include in-house tool design and EDM programming performed on the latest software. This system facilitates increased accuracy in tool design while minimizing production down time and costs. Our crossed trained computer technicians/tool & die makers provide Vinton with a certain degree of flexibility in the allocation of resources, resulting in lower fixed costs and greater responsiveness to sudden demands.

Integrity is at the Root of Our Business Philosophy

At Vinton we know our strengths and our limitations and we operate within the boundaries of our capabilities. We will not compromise on quality in an effort to satisfy unrealistic promises.

Products that meet your Expectations and a Business Philosophy that ensures your Peace of Mind …


Our apprenticeship training ensures that each tool & die maker benefits from theoretical classroom instruction as a valuable supplement to our intensive practical “on the job” training. This training provides each skill to complete your job accurately and efficiently and the technical insight to recognize potential trouble spots. All of our current tool and die makers were trained in-house in order to ensure you get not just quality but consistent quality.

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Working with Frank and his Team has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend them to anyone!



We are always putting the team at Vinton to the test. Automotive is an extremely demanding industry. It requires focus under tight timing. Only the strong can survive, that's why they have been my number one partner in tooling for the past 15 years!

Andrew Skrepnek
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